The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Play Pen for your puppy

Feb 28, 2024
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puppy play pen with crate

Setting up a puppy playpen with a crate is like creating a mini house and yard for your little furball – it's where safety meets fun, and you're the architect of this puppy paradise!

First, let's talk location, location, location. Choose a spot in your home where your puppy can feel involved but not in the middle of the hustle and bustle. A corner in the living room or a quiet space in the family room works wonders. You want your puppy to be a part of the family activities without getting overwhelmed.

Now, onto the main attraction: the playpen. Think of it as the 'puppy zone' – a place where your pup can romp around without turning your home into a disaster area with chewing and accidents. The playpen should be spacious enough for a couple of pee pads, and some toys. This will be their yard for now.

The crate, on the other hand, is the 'bedroom.' It's where your puppy will catch some Z's and enjoy some alone time. Attach the playpen to the crate add a comfy bed and a blanket that smells like you or their littermates for that extra touch of comfort. The crate door can stay open within the playpen, inviting your pup to enter and exit their den as they please.

Remember, the crate isn't Alcatraz. It's a positive space for your puppy to learn and play. Spend time with your pup in their playpen, engaging in play and cuddles. This way, they'll associate it with good times and not puppy jail.

Lastly, accessorize! Fill the playpen with chew toys, a puzzle feeder, and maybe a plushie or two for snuggle time. These items will keep your puppy entertained and help burn off that puppy energy.

And there you have it – a puppy playpen with a crate that's a safe haven for your little one and a peace-of-mind provider for you. Now you can walk out of the room without worry that they will get into things. 

You should keep your puppy in the play pen area at night, this way they may wake and need to potty. They have the opportunity to potty and go back to sleep without disturbing you.

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